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Saturday, October 07, 2006

This website is about a woman who was
firefighter. Called Dana MacCrimmon, she was from
Carbondale. She was famous in her role in the
firehouse at her time. The bad and pitiful side of
here story was that she died at age 45 after she
responded to a fire call on Thursday at 10:59 PM. In
Memorial Hospital se died Friday at 2:20PM. She got
two titles in 2005. The first in Carbondale Employee
in February and the second was City Employee. I read a
witness, which Mr. Harvey Welch had made about Dana.
He was the Chairman of Carbondale’s Police and Fire
Commission. He states that Mac Crimmon was part of
their excellent firefighting force. An other title of
Dana was that she had been the Director of Southern
Illinois Camp for Burned Children.

This story about Mac Crimmon showed me the gender equity. She was as
powerful as a man. Before, fighting was for men. Since
the law authorized the gender equity, women have
applied. Then, the result is usually bad when a woman
who is the best baby caregiver, dies leaving the
orphans. According to me, even though women are allowed
to do men’s job, some have great risks and must be


At 8:10 PM, Blogger rio said...

Hi, George
I agree with you. I also think there are much risk if women take a job like a firefighter. As they remain good firefighters, they must train their physical, mental, and something like that. As a result of this, they spend much time to do it. Therefore, they don't have enough time to take care of their children when they have children. I think it causes serious effects to their children.


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