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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I visited a website named
  • stay home dad's article
  • . The site let know that some intuition occured and certain men become like mom for their children. Also, the thought of certain people bringing themselves to helping their wife extentively by choosing to stay home and take care of babies . Staying home; cooking; doing landry; washing children...such things are their preoccupation and they don't care what ever their friend with opposite mind tells them. Some people are sometimes obliged to act or to be like a woman because they are divorced and children are living with them. Those are single man and do every kind of house work  by themselves. People who do house work living with their wives are called new men. Its a new vision for them. I found that they're praticing emancipation purely.
    The web site is very important by the lesson which is given to those men who think that woman are made for house work, will be given some hands and will pause a little. But I disagreed with the fact that certain men categoricaly stay home for house work. It would be good if they share the house work and each one get a job outside. 


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