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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

This is a story that was told in BENIN/WEST AFRICA,precisly in my small village named HOKY

Once upon a time,a king was going to give his daugther in marriage.Her name was SOSSI.As beautiful as that girl was,the king GBENON wanted to give her to the most powerfuland rich man known in all the empire.That girl was really beautiful so that anywhere she was,everybody wanted to watch her,to hear her,even totouch her if possible.She had been regularly rounded by people jus t for her beauty.She used to wander on a white horse.Well dressed,in the back of her horse,she liked to sing moving through the paths, on the grass and the most close to flowers.She was seventeen and her marriage was supposed to be celebrated at eighteen.The wealthy man was preparing. He was buying all the stuff that was required:clothes, shoes,head-tie,necklaces,jewelry,horse and so forth.Meanwhile,there was a very small poor man ,seventeen years old like SOSSI,who was thinking about how he could challenge the wealthy man.That poor man had used a wise and intelligent way and he married the nicest flower of the whole empire.What had he done?
One day,he went to find some honey.He tried to find as much as he could.He used many months to get it.After that,he found out when the princess was going to go wandering.When she left home for wandering,the poor man went to hide somewhere in the bush,close the princess'way.After he dropped the big bottle full of honey near her prefered flowers.When she found the honey,she lookked about just to see if the owner was somewhere.Our poor man AGOSSOU was looking at her,wathing her and asking himeselfmany questrions:could she take it? could she taste it?....And eventually when she had made sure that nobody was there ,she got down from her white horse ,took the honey bottle and drank too much.She was leaving with the rest of the honey when Agossou jumped out of the bush saying:'Oh! thief! thief!'.When the princess turned her head, she found she was the thief this man was shouting to.She said:'Don't tell anybody please because I'mgoing to marry next year and they'll laugth and insult me if they hear that.I'm going to give you some more money so that you can keep your mouth closed.'.'The only one thing that can my mouth closed is to sleep with you.If not I'll sing throughout all the empire.'Said Agossou.After along thinking ,she accepted.This only one time he slept with her,she got pregnant.She had ababy boy.When the found that the baby's father was Agossou,he decided to kill both Agossou and the baby.The princess was opposed to her father's decision and both the baby,the poor man and the princess were sent out of the empire.


At 12:03 PM, Blogger tom said...

Wow- that's quite a story!

At 5:33 AM, Blogger mazen said...

nice story GEORGES a great job


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